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Why Study at GCCHS

1. Trust – a college that was established in 1992; our long experience is your guarantee.

2. Confidence – a college that provides quality training and education to suit the changing needs of today’s workplaces.

3. Assurance – a college that provides different student support mechanisms to enable school leavers to successfully enter the job market.

4. Individual Attention – a college that ensures personal attention to students through small class sizes, tutorial sessions, one-on-one support and just-in-time feedback.

5. Easy Access – a college that is situated at a place that is easily reachable by all.

6. Affordability – a college that has an affordable fee structure without compromising quality.

7. Convenient Mode of Study – a college that delivers education by all effective modes: full-time, part-time and distance learning. Students may choose any mode based on their convenience.