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Our Vision

To be a leading vocational training institution in the provision of affordable and flexible education and training in Botswana and the region.



GCCHS will provide broad access to those seeking opportunity to study business-related programmes through a focus on morality, social justice and application.



Our Values

To achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, GCCHS will serve with academic excellence, equity, social responsibility, integrity, public accountability, compassion, openness, respect for divergent views, and total professionalism.



Gaborone Commercial College of Higher Studies (GCCHS) is governed by a Board of Governors whose functions is to facilitate the smooth progress of the college in the actualization of its goals and objectives. Its membership includes highly educated and experienced persons from different fields. It has powers to make rules and regulations aimed at ensuring that the College achieves what it has been established for.

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Corporate Training

We offer professional development programmes and other related short courses in all our accredited areas. It may be customized to suit the needs of individual organizations, and also be run in-house at your premises by special arrangements.